Jump 2 Java, this is what you get!

Core Features

Go directly to the web

Automatic architecture change whereby, at the click of a button, your desktop vb6 application is transformed into a modern web-based application. Of course you can also choose to stay desktop if you prefer. More technically, the tool lets you translate to either a standalone Java-Swing application or to a thin client Java Server Faces application. Jump 2 Java translates the Visual Basic absolute-positioned graphical user interface to a relative-positioned web-based user interface. with Easy-to-change cascading-style sheets are automatically created and adjusted to the graphical user interface during the conversion. This is a world-wide unique capability of the Jump 2 Java technology.
Converts all types of Visual Basic 3-6 Projects

Jump 2 Java translates DLLs, Active-X components (OCXs) and standalone projects (EXEs) including VBG, VBP, FRM, CLS, BAS, CTL, FRX and CTX. It translates complex projects (Visual Basic Group) including unlimited numbers of OCX’s and DLL’s.
Solves language and library indifferences

Jump 2 Java has: built-in automatic type casting control and conversion to the native Java data types. No third party binary dependencies. Direct API-translation (1-to-1 mapping). Converts ADO database access into Java database access. Supports many external components, such as Scripting Run Time – scrrun.DLL and Winsock.OCX. Supports a major part of the more advanced Windows Controls, such as ListView. Automatically parses and converts the picture resources, i.e. all FRX binary files to compatible Java picture format.

Quality enhancing features

Removal of dead code

The Dead Code Elimination algorithm removes unused parts of the code in order to increase the modifiability and the readability of the converted system. The presence of dead code may reveal either logical errors due to alterations in the program or significant changes in the assumptions and environment of the program. The production of cleaner applications in a scalable environment will offer companies greater operational efficiency.
Javadoc generation

Javadoc is the industry standard for documenting Java classes. Jump 2 Java automatically generates Javadoc HTML during the language conversion according to Sun Microsystems Java Coding Style Guide. Writing documentation is time consuming and error prone. Jump 2 Java can solve these problems quickly by generating concise written Javadoc documentation automatically, thus saving a vast amount of time.
Guidelines check-up

Guidelines check-up insure that the converted code follows the general Java standards. By using general coding standards, developers can easier understand the code, resulting in increased readability and maintainability. The tool automates the process of checking the converted Java to reduce manual efforts relating to this task. It is configurable and can be made to support common coding standard.

Productivity Boosters

Fully featured IDE with syntax high lightning

The tool fronts the developer with a development Eclipse IDE including complete syntax-high-lighting capability for the Visual Basic code to be migrated, enabling the developer to do all the migration within one tool. The translation process also generates todo tasks, pointing out exactly where in the code manual interventions are needed, such as usages of custom binary libraries with no source code available.
Supports the estimation and architecture planning of the project

The first step when using the tool is a project and application analysis. This function produces a high-level picture of the migration project and key figures to be used in the estimation of the migration effort. The tool efficiently collects core data critical for an accurate estimation directly from the source code of the VB application to be migrated. Risks, external dependencies and unsupported situations can be identified early in the migration process, thus making it easier to plan ahead and take appropriate action. Moreover, the tool is also used by the migration engineer for efficiently planning the complete migration project. The tool provides valuable detail about parts that will need manual intervention.