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About us

Jump 2 Java© is trademark of Devcontrol AB. Devcontrol AB is a privately held company located in Västerås, Sweden. Devcontrol was formed in 2003 by a set of experienced software developers and architects with a strong conviction that architecture transformation is a contingent and healthy sign of any company that genuinely tries to be market leaders. We are also convinced that architecture work, in essence, is about making the best trade offs between the system’s quality attributes as well as cost and time aspects.

Devcontrol AB
Business ID: 556663-2757
Järnvägsgatan 37
722 33 Västerås

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If you have any questions about Jump 2 Java or Devcontrol on how we can help you succeed in the your conversion effort just send us an email on (info@jump2java.com) and let’s have a chat!