June, 2013

Jun 01



The Jump 2 Java business case

Just to give you a rough idea of what a bargin Jump 2 Java really is, consider the following example. You have 500,000 lines of code (LoC) in an vb6 application that you either should rewrite from scratch or convert using Jump 2 Java. For the simplicity of the example, let’s say that you have no dependencies to external code at all, so that all code could successfully be converted. Let’s also assume that the rewritten application will be equal in the amount of LoC as the original application.

An experienced coder will produce roughly 1,000 LoC per day and let’s set a typical consultancy rate for a developer to 400 Euros per day. The developer cost would in the rewrite case add up to 200,000 Euros.

On the contrary, converting this 500,000 LoC application using Jump 2 Java, would cost you 5,000 Euros.

We are not talking about half the price in reduction here; the Jump 2 Java option cost a stunning 97.5% less developer cost than the manual rewrite option. It is done in a fraction of a second and with all your invested time and money in getting the implementation correct preserved. And, if this wasn’t enough, you make the transition from desktop to the web at the same time!

Even though this example is hypothetical, ie., you seldom have zero dependencies to external code, we still think that you see our point.