• You know your Visual Basic App needs to go...

  • ...and you need your legacy app on the web. Now!

  • Java is your target of choice

  • ...but it needs to be done cheaply, quickly, and with high quality......

  • Jump 2 Java does the trick for you!

Welcome to Jump 2 Java, the world's best technology for
converting VB6 applications into modern web-based Java applications
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Convert Visual Basic 6 to Java using Jump 2 Java

Significantly cut your conversion costs

If you convert up to 99% of the vb6 source code to be converted to java in a couple of seconds, then your project is going to cost less.

Automatic web-enabling of your fat desktop client

Convert your fat VB application directly into a Java Server Faces web application or a Swing application (or both). This makes your legacy application ready for a completely new market.

Uniquely capable VB6 to Java Converter

Jump 2 Java supports VB3-6, DLLs, OCXs, EXEs, VB Group projects, ADO/DAO into JDBC, Scripting Run Time, Winsock, removal of dead code, and absolute-to-relative position of the GUI elements

Preserves your valuable intellectual capital

You have invested hours and hours in writing and testing this code once, why redo the whole thing again?

Provides support in the whole vb6 conversion process

From planning, through architecting, conversion and implementing, the tool suite provides vital support in all the key phases of your project

Cuts testing time

What works in the visual basic app also works in the converted app. Of course, testing is essential in a conversion project, but an automatic high-quality translation makes it possible to focus on testing manually coded areas.